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  This week's Salticidae Sunday features the P. otiosus. These guys are a new favorite. The juveniles are super energetic and docile at the same time. Based on observations, they are also great eaters.   As always, the classification comes first.     Kingdom  Anamalia  Phylum  Arthropod  Subphylum  Chelicerata  Class  Arachnida  Order  Araneae  Infraorder  Araneomorphae  Family  Salticidae  Genus  Phidippus  Species  P. otiosus    The otiosus is commonly known as the canopy jumping spider. However, we at BFP call them OT’s. In Latin, their name basically means full of or prone to leisure, peace, or quiet.   These guys really are awesome.   Physical features  The OT can range anywhere from 8 – 18 mm, with the females being...

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