Spider Condo Dual Vent Scratch & Dent Sale in SATIN SILVER

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Scratch and Dent sales are a favorite here at BFP. We are only going to be selling these with pewter colored grommets and micro mesh. But you have a choice of Dual Vent nad Flip Top Dual Vent.

  • SOLD AS-IS (flawed containers)
  • Built with premium materials 
  • Made from BPA-free, food-safe polystyrene


(ENCLOSURE ONLY) Plants, soil, rocks, or other decor are not included.  


Changing/Cancelling Orders   

To request a change or cancellation in order, please email support@bigFATphids.com We will do everything we can to make your requested changes. However, there may be circumstances that prevent us from being able to change or cancel orders.    

International Shipping   

For international shipping, please note taxes and customs are assessed by the receiving country. We have no way to know this cost in advance and it is the responsibility of the receiver to pay for that expense at the time of pickup. 


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Inventory Last Updated Sep 17th 2019