Blue Bottle Spikes (Calliphora Vicina)

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There has been a significant increase in shipping times that we have no control over. Some shipments have been in the mail as long as 7 days. This can result in most or all the spikes being pupated by the time they arrive to you. We highly recommend purchasing an ice pack to help increase the odds of making them without pupating,.

No on international orders 


You might not be a fan of spikes or flies, but your jumper certainly is. These spikes (maggots or larvae) can be fed to your jumper in their current form, or you can pupate them by taking them out of your fridge. This is very helpful if you end up with a picky eater that will only eat flying insects. 

Please note, we do our best to send out non-pupated spikes, but there are many factors that can impact that once they leave our facilities. We cannot guarantee that some may not be pupated on arrival. To increase the odds of them arriving unpupated, please add an ice pack to your order. 

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Spider food is sold by weight and count can vary due to size variations among them. All counts are approximate. We do not guarantee count on live food. We regularly adjust the weight of live food based on seasonal variations and try our best to get an accurate approximate count.

See our shipping page for details about live shipping

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