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Introducing Spider Condos from Bigfatphids.com (BFP), your ultimate destination for specialized spider housing solutions tailored to the needs of jumping spiders! Our team takes immense pride in providing a wide array of microhabitats that cater to the unique requirements of these delightful arachnids. Whether you're just starting as a spider enthusiast or an experienced spider keeper, we have the ideal condos to create a comfortable, attractive, and safe home for your eight-legged friends.

Order Limits: Orders consisting of MORE THAN 8 ENCLOSURES may be subject to additional shipping charges. We have to ship these in a meticulous fashion, requiring us to use larger box sizes and weights on large orders. We also do not offer wholesale discounts. er 

Quality Disclaimer: While we do our best to send quality products, every condo will have minor imperfections, including light warping, mold marks/light scratches, variations in clarity or tint, or other minor flaws out of our control. If you have any questions please send us a message at support@bigfatphids.com

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