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Blue Bottle Spikes/Flies, Wax worms, Butter worms for your jumping Spider, bearded dragon, anoles, leopard geckos

Spider Eats

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Introducing Our Premium Blue Bottle Fly Pupa and Spikes - The Ultimate Nutritious Treat for Your Beloved Pets!

  • Jumping Spiders: Our Blue Bottle spikes are the go-to food choice for jumping spiders, providing them with essential nutrients for their active lifestyle.

  • Frogs: Delight your amphibious companions with these delectable spikes, packed with protein to support their growth and energy needs.

  • Chameleons: Chameleons adore our Blue Bottle spikes! These vibrant treats not only add excitement to their feeding time but also offer vital nutrients for their well-being.

  • And More: Our versatile Blue Bottle spikes are beloved by many other pets, including reptiles and insect-eating birds, making them a fantastic

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