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Shipping Policy

Changing/Cancelling Orders   

To request a change or cancellation in order, please email support@bigfatphids.com We will do everything we can to make your requested changes. However, there may be circumstances that prevent us from being able to change or cancel the orders.    

Shipping Problems

Lost packages:

If a package is lost in the mail, we will create a claim with the shipping company. Sometimes if a claim is made, the shipping company will find the package and will continue shipping it to you. If the shipping company is not able to find your package, we will replace it. You are required to provide any information needed for their investigation.

The exception to this is if the tracking information says it has been delivered. We will not replace or refund those items. If you did not receive that item, it is your responsibility to file a claim with the shipping company or your local police station if you think it has been stolen. 

Damaged in shipping:

If an item was damaged in shipping, contact us as soon as you can at support@bigfatphids.com. We will need pictures of both the broken item and the packaging.We will file a claim with the shipping company, but you are required to respond to inquiries from the shipping company. We will replace or refund those items. 

International Shipping   

BigFATphids, LLC does not ship spiders, feeders, or culture mix internationally. All other items can be sent internationally. Any customs or duty charges are the responsibility of buyer. 

We are not able to file claims for lost packages in many countries. We will do our best to help with the process where we can, but we may need you to do most of the leg work. 

Return Policy   

Blue Bottle Spikes cannot be returned for a refund. For all other items including miss-shipment, changing your mind, a broken or damaged product, etc. please email support@bigfatphids.com.    

Typically, we require the product to be unused and unopened. As soon as we receive the product, we will issue a credit for the amount of the product. Unless the return is our mistake or the item was damaged in shipping, we do not cover the original cost or the return cost.    

Live Policy   

Our primary goal is to make sure you receive your insect live, and we take care to ship only healthy specimens. There are circumstances beyond our control that may result in the insect not making the journey. For those situations, we may replace the insect if it meets the following circumstances.   

  • Someone is present to accept the package when it is delivered on the first attempt   
  • The insect is dead on arrival or within an hour of delivery   
  • A picture of the item is sent within 24 hours    

Live Shipping Temperature Guidelines   

  • 33-70°F:  We will send with a 72 hours Heat Pack  
  • 70-85°F: We do not typically send with a Hot or Cold pack     
  • 85-95°F: We send with a cold pack  

These temperatures are GUIDELINES ONLY if there are other weather considerations such as severe storm warnings, or other circumstances where a package may be delayed or damaged, we will NOT ship live spiders. We will do our best to email you as soon as we are aware of a shipping delay..