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  Kingdom  Anamalia  Phylum  Arthropod  Subphylum  Chelicerata  Class  Arachnida  Order  Araneae  Infraorder  Araneomorphae  Family  Salticidae  Genus  Phidippus  Species  octopunctatus     As promised earlier this week, today’s Salticidae Sunday will focus on the P. octopunctatus. We have nicknamed these sassy little creatures the octopunk, and they are truly an interesting species of jumping spider. Also, their mating dance was the funniest I have seen. More on that later though.    Identification  The octopunk is one of the largest jumping spiders in North America and can get up to 25 mm in length which makes them larger than the regal. Of course, it’s only by a few mm, but still. I fell in love...

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